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The Secret Mindset of Fitness…….

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Programme your flow of thoughts for amazing results in the gym and in life in general.



Why do we tend to look for external solutions to internal problems (within us). Have you ever stopped to think that the master key to progress your fitness goals might lie somewhere within yourself?


The most Amazing powerful computer known to all of mankind is not sitting on your desk top or in a tablet the size of your hand. It is chilling like a supervillian inside your skull. Im talking about your brain, but more specifically your MIND. “Thoughts are things” The power of the mind to perform and change your actions is amazing.

Turning the impossible into the possible begins in your mind.


Focus your Energy……….

Your mind will work for you if you know how to manipulate it. Before you go to bed and as you awake in the morning, focus on the feelings that are generated within you when visualize in your “mind’s eye” reaching your fitness goal, feel the emotion of triumph and victory as you have successfully accomplished your aim. If you are really doing it right you will smile! and you will feel good!……These emotions will energise your flow of thoughts and embed into your sub conscious. This will manipulate your mind into focus and plan, you will start to notice all and any type of thing that will help you achive your goal, for example you may notice some sort of information that will help you reach your fitness goal as you surf online….or you my have a flash of inspirational thought anddesign a new routine or use exercise equipment in ways you hadn’t previously thought of before.

My point is that once you change your mindset to the right channel of thought, you will act accordinly………

So keep your thoughts in line with your dreams goals and you (your beautiful Mind) will find the path to your destination.

Anthony Edwards

Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor

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