Nicole’s Weight Loss Journey

Nicole’s Weight Loss Journey

2015-03-14 00.29.52I was asked (or rather, pressured) to share my weight loss journey. I say pressured because sharing my journey meant looking back on the person, I so desperately wanted to leave behind. However the question that came next left me thinking… “How can you measure success, without acknowleding or learning from your failures?”

I had to admit, they had a point!

I gingerly pulled out the laptop to troll through the many photos of me that had never seen the light of day. I then lined it up against a recent photo and it may sound strange but I was completely shocked! Of course, I looked in the mirror everyday but I had got the the stage where I actually stopped looking…. I mean, taking the time to really look and study the changes to my body.

Yet, here on the screen in front of me was a photo of the same person. To date, I look at the photo and feel so detached from the person on the left. I realised there and then how much of a denial I was in. I denied myself the realisation that I had piled on the pounds and I was happy with the way I was. The truth is…. “No I wasn’t!!!” I had constantly lied to myself to get through the day, week and month until suddenly… enough was enough! I wasn’t happy and I sure intended to do something about it.


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