Nicole Weight Loss Journey: Part 2


Nicole Weight Loss Journey: Part 2


2015-03-19 16.43.27It really irritates me when I see a post talking about losing a large amount of weight in short periods of time. We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.” Please do not feed into such hype! After all, the journey to weight loss is more than just shredding pounds, it’s a mental journey about yourself and the relationship you have with food. Do you know of any smokers who managed to quit smoking on their first attempt? Smokers have mental barriers to overcome, as do people trying to lose weight do. The point I’m trying to make is, there are no “quick fixes!” So if you think this blog is about another “quick fix” gimmick, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Please feel free to click off now… however if you want to know the truth… the cold hard truth, then continue reading and I will share with you all the tips that I’ve learnt along the way.


My first serious attempt at weight loss dates back to 2013. Like most people, it started with a promise aka “New Year’s Resolution”. I was pumped and ready to do this! I bought healthy foods for my weekly shop and so my weight loss journey began. However, no sooner had it started, did it come to an abrupt stop. On 12th January 2013, I receive the news that my grandfather passed away. I was hurting. And there it was… my first excuse of many to come. “…I am mourning”.
I had my comfort food to find solace. It felt like I was on a roller coaster ride I couldn’t get off of. Everything was moving rapidly. By February, I was on intensive training at work. I finished my training on 1st March and by the 2nd March, I was on a plane to India for 3 months. Suddenly I was thinking, “How the hell did that happen?” “Did I make the right choice?” Too late for questions now I thought, because I was sitting on the plane, panicked by the thought of being away from my family. And there it was again… my second excuse presented itself… “I was homesick”.


Before I left the UK, I had made sure to pack workout clothes. The hotel where I was staying had a decent enough gym and I wanted to make the most of my time there. Eventually, I got myself into gear and made my way up to the rooftop where the gym was located. I zoomed in on cross-trainer because I knew it was a recommended all over body workout with low impact on the joints. Midway, the personal instructor which I had done a good job at ignoring thus far walks over and attempts to make conversation. I pretended that I couldn’t hear him due to the headphones plugged into my ear. However, it’s pretty impossible to ignore someone standing right next to the exercise equipment. Lol!


2015-03-20 18.53.12I pulled out the headphones, “…sorry did you say something?” as if I didn’t know what was coming next. “Would you like me to help you?” I wanted to scream” no!” What came out of my mouth instead was, “…eh, sure”. I thought to myself, Nicole you really need to work on saying no. Learning to say “no” will help you greatly on your own personal journey in so many ways. Trust me!


He insisted that I start off by weighing myself. Now why on earth would I want to do that??? Honestly, all I really wanted was for this man to go away. Reluctantly, I stepped on and tipped the scales at 82.6 kg (13st). I was almost the same weight as my husband!! I wanted to run back to my hotel room and cry. Somehow, I managed to maintain my composure and did as I was told. I let him put me through the paces because I suddenly had the fight. I told myself I was going to shock my husband by returning home looking slim and trim. I could do it, right?


The next day my body ache like someone had beaten me up. In my head, I cussed that damn instructor and his workout routine. The fight I had yesterday was gone. Instead, I got defensive and shut down. I can do this on my own! I’ll go to the gym but try to avoid him. Over the remaining 2 months I did avoid him for most of the time. He would ask how I was progressing, in return I would smile innocently and say, fine thanks. Truth be told, my clothes felt tighter but didn’t dare step on the scales in his presence.


At times, I can be so straight laced. I had never travelled alone before and in a place like India where you are advised to only eat at hotels, I did just that. I wasn’t trying to get no “Delhi belly” as they say. Lol! However I had no control over the way my food was cooked and even with some of the healthier options, the food was often greasy. Needless to say, 3 months of eating hotel food took its toll.


It was nearly time to return to the UK and I wanted to surprise the hubby. So off I went to the shopping centre. Asian women are so beautiful and petite. I wondered from stall to stall, noticing along the way that none of these outfits would fit me. So I’d moved on to the next stall only to be shouted after “…we have big size for you over here, what you want?” I know they meant well and was just hustling to make a living but that was the last thing I wanted to hear. As they say, the truth hurts.


IMG_0579.1On the 1st June 2013, I was back in the UK. I think I literally jumped out of the car before the chauffeur even had time to pull up the handbrake. Lol! Disappointingly though, the reaction I got from the hubby wasn’t what I had expected. Of course, he was happy to see me but I had openly declared that while I was away and was going to work on losing weight. It was one of those scenarios… “I know that he knows that I know”. You know what I mean. lol


I was fooling myself thinking that no one would notice in the nice dress I was wearing. I was busted! Despite working out regularly, I now weighted 84.3 kg (13.3st), which leads me to my 3rd tip to successful weight loss. Burn more calories than you consume. Yes, I was exercising but I was also having waffles for breakfast and lovely Indian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Not to mention the far too many cocktails which are packed with sugar and sweeteners. 2015-03-19 23.55.14


I am fortunate to have an incredible supportive family because I was in trouble. Nothing was going as planned. In fact, I seemed to have been peddling backwards. No amount of money in the world or personal training will help you achieve your goals until your mindset is right. My sister and hubby agreed that they would help me by exercising together.


And so my battle to losing weight continued…


My weight loss tips (so far)

• There is no quick fix! If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
• Learn to importance of saying no
• Burn more calories than you consume

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