Personal Trainer

Whether you are struggling with some stubborn weight loss, want to build your endurance and muscle tone for an athletic event or would just like to get into that little black dress for a glamorous party, hiring a personal trainer has never been so popular as an essential addition to your life. We understand it takes determination, motivation and commitment to get real results and that doesn’t just come from you, but from us as well.

For online personal training, click on the link below.



Prefer face to face support?

One of the main benefits of having your very own personal trainer is that the program is designed especially for you, your body and your limitations. Working at a pace that is just right for you, Tony will help you tone, shape and contour your body.

Sessions are by appointment only. Contact 02081333079 to book an appointment and get started on creating a healthier, happier you.

Training Packages

Silver – £55 -PAYG

Gold – £225 – 5 sessions (£50 savings!!)

Platinum – £400 – 10 sessions (£150 savings!!)

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